What We’ve Done So Far

Around May 2010, Austin and I decided that we wanted to move out of New England, not only to find better job opportunities but also to have an adventure.

We talked about escaping to a tropical paradise like Hawaii. We also dreamed of backpacking through Europe for an entire summer. But then we agreed on Los Angeles, CA – a city of opportunity.

We both found full-time work, opened up a joint savings account and started depositing $50 each per week. This grew to $100 a week and we eventually set a goal of $10,000 so we could move to California at the end of 2011.

By summer 2011, we were close to our $10,000 goal and knew that by October, when we were ready to drive across country to our new home, we would have close to $13,000.

We used $1,000 to fund our cross-country trip along a Southern route, visiting more than 7 different cities we had never been to.

We arrived in Los Angeles, CA on October 31, 2011.

Since then we’ve met a lot of fantastic people (and some questionable characters) discovered some hard truths about “Hollywood” and the entertainment industry, and discovered more about ourselves than we thought possible. Still journeying…

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