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A New Year

Santa Monica Beach

We finally made it to the beach to see the Pacific Ocean for the first time on New Year’s Day. The ocean refreshes me, and after one long month peppered with difficult days, all I wanted was a relaxing afternoon on the beach, with a good book in hand.

In fact, I just started a good book by Ken Robinson, Ph.D., called “The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything.” I bought it after seeing his TED talks and connected with nearly everything he spoke about, which included his views on human intelligence and creativity, serious problems with our education systems and how most of us, as adults, have lost the ability to think and create freely because we ┬áhave been “educated out of our creativity.”

What I’m most interested in is his idea that every person has a passion, something they innately excel at and love┬áto do. I have some ideas of what this could mean for me, but I’m still looking. For 2012, my goal is to remain open and stay positive, accept whatever comes my way with grace and turn any negative experiences into opportunities to learn and grow. For all of you reading this, I wish you all of the peace, joy and love that this year can bring.

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