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You’re The Only Ten I See


Oh, Tennessee. We didn’t stay very long in Knoxville or Nashville, but we would love to come back to explore.  Knoxville was our lunch stop and we grabbed some tacos at a burrito and margarita bar and then took a quick stroll through the square.  The town had a lot of historic buildings combined with modern strips like Union Square and a nearby shady park.  It reminded me so much of downtown Providence, R.I., especially with the mixed amount of business professionals on their lunch break and college students working on laptops outside of coffee shops.

What topped off our brief visit to Knoxville was seeing Elton John perform with his guitar-playing owner. He certainly was dressed for the occasion.

We had originally planned on camping in Memphis, but instead decided to stay in Nashville at a hotel in downtown, which turned out to be a fantastic decision.


The happenin’ street in Nashville is Broadway.  It’s a small strip but it’s packed with bars and BBQ joints. The Predators hockey team had a game at Bridgestone Arena, so the street was busier than normal for a Tuesday night.

The City of Music did not disappoint. Almost every bar had a rockin’ band that filled the street with country and bluegrass music.  We ate pulled pork sandwiches at a double-decker bar called Rippy’s with a sweet outdoor patio strung with white lights.

After dinner, we ducked in to one of the bars to hear an amazing bluegrass band play for a few songs.  I’m not a big fan of country music or “twangy”-sounding songs, but I was enthralled by the sounds of this band and the energy they had as they rocked out to the bar folks’ requests.


All in all, Tennessee was definitely worth seeing, if only for a short while.  At least we know where to stay and where to go if we come back for another visit!

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