Hello, Strangers.

Would you look at that? It’s been exactly four months since we’ve posted on here. I know that’s not really good form for a blogger and I’ve probably left our readers in the dark, wondering what the heck Austin and I have been doing since January. In all honesty though, I think we really needed that time to figure out what we were doing in our new home of Los Angeles and try to make sense of our new lives. I don’t ever remember thinking this was going to be easy by any means; I guess I just didn’t count on it taking us this long to feel good about this life-changing decision.

So let’s recap, since it’s been so long! The first three months after we moved, things were looking pretty bleak (or at least they were to us). We had found an apartment, but finding work was another story. The jobs we managed to secure early on where infrequent and underpaying and Austin and I ended up having a very real discussion about whether or not we would be able to afford to stay in L.A. for very much longer.

By the end of January, we both had found full-time work that helped restore our energy and faith that we could indeed make it here. We focused on the positives in our lives and began to express our gratitude instead of sweating the small stuff. We started to climb out of that bottomless hole of fear and doubt and finally we can truly enjoy the place we’re in and everything it has to offer. I started volunteering with a great local animal rescue organization that coordinates dog adoption events and Austin found a pretty awesome driving range and golf course (one of his most favorite things) close by.

We’ve also found some really great things in and around Los Angeles that we just love: Runyon Canyon hiking and yoga, Black Market Yoga in Hollywood, Santa Monica and the Pier for a fun, beachy & touristy attraction, and some incredible, will-leave-you-speechless hot springs in Ojai, CA. On the weekends, we love to hike, bike and just enjoy the (almost) perpetual sunshine.

A friend gave us a travel list of places we need to visit in Southern California and we’re slowly crossing some of them off our list. This summer, we hope to visit Santa Barbara and San Diego for the first time and make a return weekend trip to Las Vegas. A little bit closer to us we have Laguna Beach, Malibu and Venice Beach to explore. We’re also starting up a savings fund again, so we can do a big travel adventure trip in the next couple of years (a week in Hawaii or a trip to Europe perhaps).

These last few months have been tough, but we’ve learned so much. We’re continuing to expand daily on our experiences, love and gratitude, and most importantly, our perspective.

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As you may have noticed, I took a hiatus from blogging for the past month, for the sole reason that I had no idea of what to write. I wasn’t inspired by the past month’s events, or even very hopeful for the next 30 days. If I’m being totally honest, I’ve been feeling pretty blue since the middle of November.

The end of December is two months since we moved here. Things have been somewhere in the middle of good and bad. We’ve made new friends and grown closer with old ones. We’ve discovered beautiful places that surround us and have felt the warm sun all throughout December. We’ve found part-time work, however unsteady and poor-paying it may be. Basically, we’ve been trying to make things work.

But we’ve also spent a lot of our savings – necessarily, of course, but still it’s difficult to see a year’s hard work and dedication dwindle down. What’s good: We found an apartment, subscribed to internet service, bought some furniture on Craigslist and went on grocery store runs to fill up our fridge and cupboards. What’s not so good: we have yet to find any promising job leads, which is pretty much the main reason we moved here in the first place. We’ve had at least 10 interviews between the two of us that have yielded nothing. And I’ve started to feel incredibly homesick and a little bit stifled and lost in a big city.

For months, I’ve been mentally and emotionally preparing myself for the holidays in Los Angeles, away from home. I knew I would feel a mix of emotions because Christmas has always been a really meaningful time for me, and to spend it in an unfamiliar place, in a city that barely gets cold enough for it to snow, would be weird. And it was.

Holidays aside, the problem is I don’t feel much of a connection to this place. I don’t feel grounded or stable and it feels like I’m on an endless, strange vacation, more than ready to go back home and resume my normal life. In the past few years, I’ve realized that I have very strong attachments to places, mainly because they are scenes where my memories are played over and over again, memories I’ve made with the people I love. No doubt, we’ve made some great memories out here so far and I am with my love, Austin, and our friends who I love dearly. But if I left this place tomorrow, I doubt I’d feel much attachment to it afterwards.

Austin and I have been riding the waves of each other’s disappointment, frustration, anxiety and fear, picking the other back up from mind-eating negative thoughts and moving forward. It’s all we can do for now. We are putting ourselves out there, working hard to get interviews, and searching for that sliver of an opportunity that puts us where we both need to be. For now, the road is certainly rocky, but it’s my sincere hope that it will smooth out up ahead.


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