The Stellar Anniversary

Happy Anniversary!

We celebrated three years together the first week of May. We never chose a specific date, or officially celebrated an anniversary, but this year we really felt like we needed to acknowledge this milestone in our lives.

Austin asked me out on a date for Friday, May 4. He wouldn’t tell me what we were doing or where we were going, despite my sneaky attempts to find out (“So…where did you say we were going on Friday?” “What was the name of that place you’re taking me to?”) Come Friday evening, I was so happy to have waited for the surprise.

After he surprised me at work with a beautiful vase and gorgeous flowers, we started the evening by heading down the street to The Cat & Fiddle¬†restaurant and bar on Sunset Boulevard. I love this place, if only for the amazingly cool courtyard outside that’s covered with trees and lights and bistro tables. During a round of dirty martinis, Austin pulled out an envelope and handed it to me. And inside was….

We were going to the show in less than an hour!

¬†From the moment Coldplay opened with a burst of fireworks, to the very last song (“Every Teardrop is a Waterfall”) concluded with another barrage of fireworks bursting from behind the Hollywood Bowl, we agreed it was the best show we had ever seen. Every one in the audience was given a bracelet, either white, pink, orange, green or blue, to wear as part of the show and every bracelet lit up and began flashing during certain songs. It was incredible to witness this massive sea of lights, moving to the music.

The only picture at the show we managed to get was a dark, grainy photo of us in front of the Bowl stage. It looks like an old, vintage shot, but really we just didn’t have a flash.

I loved nearly every one of the 21 songs they played, but one of the highlights was Chris Martin’s tribute to the late Adam Yauch:

What an amazing start to a fantastic and special weekend. Saturday brought Cinco de Mayo celebrations, which included take-out from El Compadres in Hollywood (pretty much the best Mexican food we’ve had yet) and homemade mojitos with a few friends. Sunday was reserved for a beach and golf day…post soon to follow…

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