One week

We are at the one-week mark.  Seven days from today, we head out on our road trip to reach the other coast.  We are excited, nervous, anxious, eager, sad and happy all at once.  We are saying our see-you-soons to all of our family and friends and mentally preparing to tip our hats to New England, drinking in every last sight, smell and sound to be fresh in our memories until we return.

We’ve come so far in just one short year.  It’s difficult to think back to ten months ago, sitting in our Warren apartment, discussing potential departure dates and calculating our projected savings.  We frequently altered our plan slightly, implementing small changes after realizing that we didn’t need so much stuff and that dragging a trailer carrying our furniture across the country just didn’t make sense.  We thought about making sure we reached our savings goal of $10,000, and how that goal coincided nicely with leaving just as autumn was setting in, and before the snow dumped on the East Coast.

We’re here.  We’re finally on our way to something new and exciting and terrifying all at once.  We keep saying that we can’t wait until it begins, but our journey has already begun. It started the day we decided to make the move to California.

We have the support of countless family members and close friends and we can’t thank everyone enough for their encouragement, advice and love. We hope this blog will allow you to follow our journey closely, and to inspire you to follow your own.

One love,

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One thought on “One week

  1. I have such a HUGE range of feelings, thoughts, and emotions – all positive, but some bittersweet..:) For some strange reason, I suddenly find myself having all these little flashbacks to your “little girl” age…they’re just coming in out of nowhere! Hmmm…well, all of that doesn’t help to quiet the butterflies in MY stomach! But it’s not from fear, I can assure you, as I know what an amazing journey lies before you. It’s more from trying not to dwell on the distance that will now be between us, but in reality, we are always connected.:) I look forward to following your blog as guys as you make your way to L.A., and beyond. I’m so happy you are reaching for the sky..:) And why not?? Live Your Life, that is what you were meant to do. Love you both….

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