We’ll Be Back Before You Know It

We’ve left California, but only briefly.  Our first visit was incredible and reassuring and, if it’s possible, has made us even more excited to move there.  Now the real countdown begins, the three-week ticker, until our road trip that will lead us back to our new home.

During our five-day vacation, we spent a good amount of time calling the numbers of various Craigslist ads for apartments and relying heavily on our iPhone to navigate us to each new place.  We saw nearly ten apartments, all of which were decent and had potential. No decisions were made, but we found comfort in knowing what was out there and figuring out which neighborhoods would suit our new lifestyles best.

Hollywood is the area we’ve decided on. We want to be in the heart of it all and Hollywood can give that to us.  We’ll be spoiled if we find work close by, but even if we don’t, the commute to pretty much anywhere in the Greater Los Angeles area will not be as treacherous and exhausting as it may seem.

For now, we are happy with the notion that we’ve chosen well.  There will most certainly be ups and downs, particularly in the first few months of adjustment, but we are excited to be a part of such an eclectic and fast-paced culture, where you see something different and eye-catching on every corner and no one is complacent.  Everyone seems to be going after something different, and we feel welcomed to do the same.

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