A Leap of Faith: Making a Big Life Change

In September of 2010, Austin and I opened up a savings account and began making weekly deposits.  In the beginning, we put in a small amount each week – as much as we could afford after we paid bills, loans and bought groceries.  Then we began to set goals for ourselves: $100 or more per week and any extra money we made from freelance gigs or dogsitting would go into our savings account.  We called it “California Savings.”

It wasn’t just a random name that we gave our nest egg.  A year ago, we decided that since we both want to seriously work in the film and/or television media industries, we needed to change our location to increase opportunities for ourselves.  We chose Los Angeles, California.

One year later, we have a plan, a departure date and money saved to help us make a big change in our lives.  On Wednesday, October 19, 2011, we will leave our jobs on the East Coast for the last time.  Early Monday morning, October 24, 2011, we will drive out of Massachusetts in our packed-to-the-top Ford Escape, and begin the week-long journey across the country.

Along the way, we will be filming with Austin’s Canon T2i, and capturing photos of each place we visit.  I’ll be writing to document our experiences and update our friends, families and followers on our journey.

This is our leap of faith.  We don’t know what will happen, but that’s the beauty of taking a chance on something you really want.  Take action, learn, adapt. 

Wherever you are in your own journey, we wish you well.

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