Finding Balance

Even though I try very hard to stay organized, focused and motivated in my personal life, I sometimes get a little distracted and off-course.

This is one of those times.

I have been mentally scolding myself for not exercising on a regular and consistent basis and for letting myself become disorganized when it comes to my bills and filing, and even for our bedroom being messy!

I can easily pinpoint the causes of these problems.  The obvious one is our physical move from our spacious apartment to a tiny bedroom.  Space is not an issue for me, if it’s organized. To give you an example of why I am stressed: the majority of my clothes are currently spilling out of a large pink storage bucket on the floor of our room. Our closets are stuffed with hanging clothes and littered with random boxes and bags that contain things I have probably forgotten I own.  Every time I need something, whether it be a certain pair of shoes, a piece of mail I recieved the day before, or a shirt that I haven’t already worn this week, I undoubtedly cannot locate it.

A small part of me is saying, “Breathe, woman. It’s not that bad and it’s only temporary.” The rest of me is ready for a meltdown of epic porportions, which may or may not include eating an entire batch of chocolate chip cookies.

*Courtesy of Perfection in a picture.

Ok, so that was a little venting. (Obviously, eating those cookies will put me even more off track from my workout plan.)  I know that I’m feeling like I don’t have much control right now, because I don’t. But when do I ever?

I know that it will take small steps in order to feel more balanced in my current situation.  Just by taking a small amount of time each day to work on things I am unhappy with, I know I will feel better. These are a few things I know I need to work on:

1. Creating a space to neatly store my clothes, shoes and other items so I don’t spend an unnecessary amount of time looking for things;

2. Getting up earlier to accomplish more on the weekdays (e.g. blog posting, working remotely, EXERCISING);

3. Finding a filing system that is easy and efficient so I never lose important mail or documents.

What areas of your life can you work on in order to feel more balanced?

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