When You Were Young

Think back to when you were a little kid.  Think of all of the things that were appealing to you: what you loved to do and what you spent time engaging in.  I remember being very young and feeling free to dance and sing to my heart’s content (and there are home videos to prove it).  I loved performing for family members, whether it was telling nonsense jokes of my own creation or belting out the wrong words to a Disney song.  I was energetic about engaging other people and wanting to offer them something in the way of entertainment.

And then there was a side of me that spent large amounts of time, especially during the sticky days of summer, out in my own backyard, talking to myself as if I was narrating an exciting adventure story of trekking through a vast jungle filled with endless trees and plant life and exotic animals to follow and befriend.  I was often content with nature as my playmate.

Now, I think back and realize that these were the things that I loved at an age where there was no pressure or stress for me, and no one was telling me to do one thing or another.  I didn’t understand or think about the concept of money, or think about planning.  I simply lived in the moment and engaged my imagination and creative side.  I’ve grown up with those characteristics and now I wonder how I can translate what I loved passionately as a child into something to offer the world.

Before my adult life was bogged down with exams to take, deadlines to meet and jobs to acquire, I often thought about what I wanted to do when I “grew up.”  In my head, a rundown of the things I used to dream about were performing as a singer or actress on vast stage like Broadway or writing novels and children’s adventure books, where my imagination and creativity could thrive.

I still don’t have a set idea in my mind of what I want to do and I’m very OK with that.  When I know, I’ll know.

This blog is a personal venture to not only inspire and motivate myself to pursue my passions but to encourage others to do the same.

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